Make your mom feel special this year

She's your mom, the giver of all life, the HBIC, and this year offers you unique opportunity to do something creative to make her feel special. Can't visit or go home? Fear not, we got some ideas that are gonna leave your mom shining and smiling from ear to ear.

LET'S GET PHYSICAL! PHYSICAL!. Getting something in the mail from someone you love is always a treat. It's especially great and standout nowadays when everything is going virtual. If your budget allows, send some flowers. Moms love flowers. Be more budget conscious and bake cookies or her favorite treat and send her a box. Whatever it is, we promise your mom will love it because well....she's your mom and it's her job to love everything you make. PS- Even if you have the Rona, by the time the cookies arrive it'll be corona free 🍪

FAMILY ZOOM TIME. Time to teach grandpa how to use the internet cuz we're gettin' the family together on a conference call! Celebrate your mom by putting all the people she cares about on one screen. It's a creative way to make her feel special and help her catchup with everyone. Make it fun by adding a little booze and sending her a bottle of champagne. Make sure all participants have a bottle too. You can play "Never have I ever....with mom" 🍾
CLIP HOSE COUPONS. Instead of a card, have everyone in your family send your mom a coupon, valid for one quality time activity with her. If you live close by, it can be getting a pedicure together when salons open up again. If you live farther away, make it an hour long phone call on a day of her choosing.


BE PREPARED. With Mother's Day and Cinco de Mayo and around the corner, make sure you have your alcohol detox ready! ORDER BIBI NOW and get $5 off every case with code HIGHFIVEMOM.