Optimize your home desk

Many of us are working from home now and even when shelter-in-place laws are lifted, many of us will continue working from home. So let's make sure your home desk setup is working for you.

BE A BALLER. Are you sitting on rigid chair and find your lower back is getting stiff at the end of the day? Don't want to shell out the money for an expensive ergonomic chair? We got you. For less than $40 get a yoga ball and use it as an office chair. It is ergonomic, will never leave your back sore or tight, improves your posture, and activates your core while you sit! Plus it's multifunctional - you can use it for your at home workouts and for....well, yoga :)

STOP MOUSING AROUND. Let's get one thing straight, your hand wasn't designed to be in a small claw shape clicking things for hours. Set your arms and hands down by your side right now. See that loose, slightly rounded shape with your thumb facing forward? THAT is the shape your hand wants to be in during stasis. So get a mouse that mimics that shape. It's a little pricey but we love this Logitech mouse and use it at our office.

LET'S PLAY CHICKEN. Odds are you are probably using your laptop for work right now and have it setup on your desk. If your laptop not raised up to eye level, you are pretty much signing yourself up for some major neck and back pain, not to mention poor posture and anterior head syndrome (yes it's a real thing and the majority of people have it). We humans spend a lot of time looking down at screens. Think about it, you hold your phone in your hands and look down to use it. All that looking forward and down causes your neck to develop an unnatural curvature or straighten altogether. So raise your laptop to eye level using a laptop stand. Our favorite is the Roost stand and it's worth the extra dollars for 3 reasons: it goes higher than other stands which is helpful if you are tall, it doesn't cover the base of your laptop which can cause overheating, and it folds up compactly making it great for travel. 

DON'T GET BOARD. Now that your laptop is lifted, you're gonna need a keyboard. Please oh please do not try to type on your raised laptop and undo all the ergonomic efforts you've already put into practice! There's a variety of keyboards out there but we really like this one. It's solar powered so requires no batteries and is therefore WIRELESS, making it excellent for travel. Full disclosure, it's not ergonomic but we prefer its portability and slim design over the clunkiness of most ergonomic keyboards. It also comes in white and silver if you want it to match your shiny Mac :) People in our office have been using this keyboard for over 5 years with no issues. It's also compatible with the Logitech mouse we mentioned earlier so you can use the same USB port to link both devices.