Cinco from home


Fun ways to celebrate from home

Even though it is a total misappropriation of Mexican culture and history, we know Cinco de Mayo has always been a harmless excuse for you to grab some margs and tacos with your friends. So bring on the festivities! Here's some fun ways you can CFW - cinco from home.

FIRST THINGS FIRST. Unshameless plug time. Make sure you have your hangover prevention and hangover relief kits on the ready! Get a case of Nightcap to make sure you wake up the next day feeling 💯. If you're one of those people who forgets to drink Nightcap before bed, don't worry we gotchu with Morning After - the first and only next day hangover relief drink. ORDER TODAY to get it delivered in time for Cinco de Mayo and while you're at it get $5 off every case with code CINCOOFF.

TACO TIME. Try your hand at making your favorite taco fillings... from scratch. We love this slow cooker carnitas recipe. Pro-tip: if you opt for flour tortillas, use the raw tortillas that you cook in the pan. They are gamechanging and make normal flour tortillas taste like cardboard. 

SHAKE THINGS UP. Make some healthy margaritas with this sugar-free recipe using fresh fruit juices and agave nectar.

STREAM THE THREE AMIGOS. Yes it's about three white guys wearing sombreros and mariachi outfits but that's precisely why we like this movie. It doesn't take itself too seriously and pokes fun at its own cultural appropriation and absurdities. In this day and age, everyone can use a laugh especially from a slow-paced 90's comedy featuring three great comedians.