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What is Bibi?

Bibi Beverages is a complete line of alcohol detox shots designed for all drinking occasions from work happy hours, to festival recovery, to bachelor(ette) parties.

We specialize in hangover prevention, hangover relief, and flush prevention. Whether it’s 1 drink or 5, our detox shots will make sure you feel great the day after any celebration.

Our products are completely natural. We don’t use any added colors or dyes, NO artificial sweeteners or flavors. Bibi is NON-GMO, vegan, soy/nut/gluten FREE so you can enjoy them worry free J

Who created Bibi?

I'm Jen the founder of Bibi Beverages.

My 20's looked a lot different than most. No parties, no tailgates, no happy hours. This is because having just 1 drink made me feel sick, turned my whole body red, and gave me terrible hangovers.

While everyone else was having a good time, I felt excluded from the fun. After years of feeling left out I got fed up. I knew there had to be a solution to this problem. So I did some digging.

I learned that over 1 billion people in the world suffer from something called Alcohol Flush Syndrome that causes people who drink to not only turn red, but also feel hot, have a faster heartbeat, get headaches and nausea...all the symptoms I experienced! This condition affects primarily people of East Asian decent and Scottish and Irish people. You may have heard it referred to as "Asian glow" or "Irish tan."

If this happens to you, know that you are not alone! 60% of Asian people and 10-15% of everyone else experiences at least some of these symptoms. Most people just suffer through it or don't know what it is.

After identifying the problem, I started researching how to solve it. Flushing and hangovers are caused by an accumulation of a toxin called acetaldehyde in your liver. This toxin is produced when you metabolize alcohol. I learned that certain plants, herbs, and amino acids help remove this toxin from your body. I used my scientific knowledge to conduct single blind studies on 30 participants to test the efficacy of various ingredients. I then took the highest performers and consulted with a team of biochemists and scientists for several years.

What you see now as Nightcap, Morning After, and Lighten Up, is the product of all our research, testing, and hard work to create a line of the most compact, effective, and natural alcohol detox drinks on the planet.

I hope you give them a “shot.”




Who is Bibi?

Bibiana is the patron saint of hangovers. Her heavenly powers help you have fun and feel great!


Where is Bibi from?


Bibi is from Austin, TX. Our products are made in the USA and 100% manufactured in Texas.