Get stronger while you work from home

Happy Tuesday fam! We're back with our latest edition of the Bibi Daily. What's this you ask? It's our way of sharing our voice more authentically with you. Preventing hangovers and reducing flushing is still cool and important. We just want add more value to your life and daily routine and help you live the fun, fierce, healthy, and productive life you want. In these daily emails we'll explore four topics: Wellness, Fitness, Productivity, and Social Life. You'll see this new content on our Facebook and  Instagram pages as well. Let's talk fitness today!

SOOOO MUCH MORE TIME. Whether you were working from home before or not, you probably have A LOT more time on your hands these days. No more commuting to work, less meetings and office water cooler banter. There's so many ways to take advantage of that extra time and not get bored. 

THE PUSH-UP CHALLENGE. Break up your day and by doing 10-20 pushups every hour and setting a goal for 100 a day. This will take just several minutes total each day and build strength and endurance quickly. You can make it more interesting and challenging by switching grips and doing diamond or narrow push-ups. Once that gets easy double your reps and/or volume. After just a couple weeks don't be surprised if you can suddenly do twice as many push-ups in a row as before or all 100 in a few minutes! 

MASTER YOUR PULL-UPS. Got a door frame? Then you can do pull-ups at home! There's dozens of affordable pull-up bars on Amazon that require no installation so you can do the 100 daily challenge with pull-ups too. Can't do a full pull-up yet? Modify it by using a band or chair to assist you and lessen the weight. You can also jump into the pull-up (take it easy - remember it's on your door!) and lower yourself as slowly as possible. 

ADD JUMP SQUATS AND SITUPS. Once you have your push-ups and pull-ups down, make it a full body routine by adding squats and sit-ups. Doing all four movements in one set will take only a few minutes at a time but build noticeable strength and endurance in few weeks. This is also a great way to maintain mobility and get your blood flowing, especially important if you are at you desk most of the day. 

Once things get back to normal, you can still do this routine at the office. The advantage of breaking the exercises up into sets of 10-20 is you don't get too sweaty while doing them.