Mama mia, germ free-ah!


Meet these superhero plants

In case you missed our last few emails, welcome to the new Bibi Daily! One of our goals in 2020 IS to share our voice more authentically with you. Telling you about product sales and promotions is cool but we wanted to do more to add value to your day and help you live the fun, fierce, healthy, and productive lifestyle you want. That's how the Bibi Daily came to be...daily emails that explore Wellness, Fitness, Productivity, and Social Life. You'll see this new content on our Facebook and  Instagram pages as well. Let's get to it!

OREGANO, THE TRIPLE THREAT. Watch out germs, there's a new superhero in town. Oregano, something you probably have in your spice drawer, is more than just a pizza condiment. Oregano oil has antibiotic, anti-fungal, and antioxidant properties that make it one helluva supplement and a must have in your medicine cabinet. Uses of oregano oil range from preventing colds and flus (that's convenient), allergies, to lowering cholesterol. Don't believe us? Check out this study which proved oregano oil to be nearly as effective at treating staph infections in mice as pharmaceutical grade antibiotics 🤯

EVERY SUPERHERO NEEDS A SIDEKICK. A great compliment to oregano oil is elderberry extract. We say this because not only does elderberry kick some serious germ butt and is great at fighting off colds and flus, it also tastes pretty good too - which is helpful because oregano oil does not :) We at Bibi have this dynamic duo around the office and it has saved our team! We recommend combining one dropper full of each or 30 mL, with a glass of warm water at the onset of cold or flu symptoms. It's best used as a preventative elixir. PRO-TIP: Don't nuke the plant power. Heat the water BEFORE adding the elderberry and oregano oil to preserve nutrients.

NEEM WE SAY MORE? You've probably never heard of this one and that's a darn shame. Neem is an amazing plant with a list of benefits so long, you'll think we made them all up. Neem is commonly used in India where preventative medicine is paramount because healthcare is too expensive for many. Neem is used as an antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-(insert bad thing here). It is found in many Indian toothpastes, drunk as a tea, used as ointment to treat rashes, and our dentist straight up chews the plant leaves to prevent cavities and so he doesn't get sick...EVER. 

STAY HEALTHY FRIENDS. We hope these power plants find their way into your medicine cabinets and help you fight off those germs!