There's no "I' in "Team"

So you've decided you want to start seeing some friends again but want to be responsible and conscious about it. Yesterday we shared two options on how to responsibly maintain a social life with your friends by making a quaranteam. Again we're not saying you should do this but if you choose to, here's how to do it successfully and avoiding friction and misscommunication.

AGREE TO FOLLOW THE SAME RULES. Establish your rules and agree that everyone has to stick to them for the quaranteam to work. For example, if your quaranteam agreed that each member must wear masks when outside of their homes or vehicles, agree to it and stick to it even if you weren't doing that before.

DON'T TAKE ANYTHING PERSONALLY. If you're not included in someone's quaranteam or they can't see you because you're not in theirs, don't take it personally. If one of your friends decides to leave the quaranteam and pull out, that's okay too. We live in a new world and how people feel can change from day to day. People are also making decisions not just for themself but for everyone around them. Accept that the system isn't perfect and neither are you or your friends. You're all just trying to do your best and figure it out.

OVERCOMMUNICATE. Before you see any friend ask them what their status is. Inquire about their health. Make sure they haven't broken any of the ground rules and reassure them of your own status by volunteering the same information. If you started touching a new person let your quaranteam know. And don't get offended if they ask personal questions. At the same time, no one should be shamed for their behavior. Recognize that everyone is doing their best. Just make adjustments with the new information. Check-in regularly with your quaranteam to make sure everyone's aware of each other's status and you're still all on the same page.

WHY BEFORE WHO AND WHAT. Discuss and share why you want to team up and make sure you're on the same page. If you miss hugging and the other people in your quaranteam don't care about hugging or physical touch, then reconsider if they're the best people to be in your quaranteam. Before you see anyone ask yourself, "Can I accomplish what I want without an in-person meeting?" If the answer is yes, don't risk it!

REMEMBER THE RISK. Acknowledge that what you're doing is risky and don't take anything for granted. It's a privilege to be entrusted with someone else's health so don't take it lightly. What you do directly affects them so be responsible for everyone in your quaranteam.