Who, what, when, where, why?

With many cities and states lifting shelter in place orders and opening up retail, restaurants, salons, and gyms, we know you're getting more requests to do stuff with friends. You might be unsure of how to respond and what to do. Here are some tips on how to navigate these new socially distant waters. Disclaimer: none of these are government approved.

CREATE A QUARANTEAM. Have a group of besties you want to spend more time with or specific people you want to see? Negotiate who that is in your life and create a quaranteam with them. You can do this a few ways. Here we offer two options. 

OPTION 1: SAME PEOPLE. Choose a group of 2-5 close friends. Decide what the ground rules are. Are you allowed to touch, go inside each others homes etc? Maybe you see each other more regularly but still stay six feet apart. Whatever you decide it needs to be agreed upon and respected by all. Most importantly and for this to truly work, you are not permitted to touch or hang out with anyone outside your quaranteam.

OPTION 2: SAME NUMBER. Allow yourself a set number of friends you're allowed to see over a period of 2 weeks. In our example we use 10. You can see but not touch these friends so that means walks, picnics, social distance acceptable activities. Each time you see a friend, write down the date of contact and their name in a "Friend Journal." You will update this daily. When two weeks have passed since you saw someone, you can cross them out. If you see the same person again within two weeks, cross out their oldest entry and add the new date of contact to your journal. The goal is to keep your contact limited to 10 people at any given time. It doesn't restart at 2 weeks, it's ongoing. Here's a photo as an example.


Remember, we're not saying you should do any of this, but if you want to maintain a social life and do so responsibly, this is how we'd go about it. If you choose this route check out our Bibi Daily tomorrow for tips on how to avoid friction and miscommunication with your quaranteam!