Everything's gonna be alright

Hey Bibi-lievers, welcome back to today's Bibi Daily! In 2020 we wanted to send you more than just emails about sales and promotions and talk about things that will really impact your life. The Bibi Daily is our way of sharing our voice more authentically with you to help you live the fun, fierce, healthy, and productive lifestyle you want. In the Bibi Daily we will explore 4 topics: Wellness, Fitness, Productivity, and Social Life. You'll see this new content on our Facebook and  Instagram pages as well. Up to bat today: how to ease the tension at home during the age of corona.

CORONAMPLIFICATION. If you're around your partner or roommate 24/7, heck even if you are by yourself for that long, and can't get out to see other people and do the things you normally do, things are bound to get a little tense. Here are some ways to keep things chipper at home.

DO YOUR THANGGG. Just because there's a shelter-in-place or quarantine, doesn't mean your whole routine and schedule has to go down the toilet. If you've been doing something for months or years, your brain and body is not happy if you suddenly stop. So it's important to maintain your routine for your mental health, and the health of those around you. For example, if you are used to having a morning commute and enjoy having that time for yourself, recreate that at home. Before you start your work day, go for a long morning walk or drive with your cup of coffee and listen to the music/audiobook you like. If you have a partner, odds are she/he is used to having that time to her or himself too so you're doing your relationship a favor by GTFO of the house :)  

MAXIMIZE THOSE GAINZZZ. If you are missing your daily gym routine, don't be slackin'! There are countless online workout groups you can join to keep yourself on track. Or create one with your friends and workout buddies. It's a great way to stay motivated and challenge one another.

GET OUTSIDE DAILY. We cannot stress how important it is for you to get outside at least once a day. Getting some sunshine and fresh air will promote Vitamin D production which lessen those corona blues. It's easy to get sucked into the digital world these days with your phone screen, computer screen, TV screen... The constant stream of news can also be stressful. So make sure you take a break from all that and be present in your body.

JUST BREATH. Feeling anxiety or overwhelmed? Try this breathing exercise. Empty your lungs by breathing out through your mouth. Then breath in through your nose and fill your lungs for 5 seconds, hold the breath in for 3 seconds, and breath out through your mouth 7 seconds. Repeat this for 10 rounds.

TAKE IT EASY. Remember that it's easy to be slightly more on edge and sensitive during this time. Cut each other some slack and don't sweat the small stuff.