Strengthen your mind through meditation

Maybe you've tried meditation before but just couldn't get the hang of it because you couldn't quiet that brain of yours so decided "it wasn't for you" or "you're just not good at it?" Well we want you to give it another shot because there's many different kinds of meditation and it's all about finding the right kind for you for the right time and purpose. Let's explore a few types...

AWAKEN YOUR BODY AND MIND. If you're one of those active don't like to sit still types, kundalini meditation may be right up your alley. Kundalini combines breath work, movement, and chanting to warm up your body and senses by moving energy through the body. It's a great meditation to practice in the morning as your body is waking up. 

MIDDAY MINDFULNESS. As our day progresses on from morning, we're exposed to lots of different stimuli, some of which can be very stressful or triggering. Whether it's something someone said or did, an issue at work, or even a memory, mindfulness is a great meditation to try if you find yourself getting caught up in a stream of anxiety, worry, or anger and want some relief. What makes mindfulness particularly valuable is it can be done anywhere at anytime. You don't have to be sitting cross legged on the floor, you can be standing up, in line at the grocery store, or in your car. Mindfulness meditation generally involves taking notice of your current surroundings, your body and breath, and sinking deeper into the activity you are engaging in to bring yourself out of anxiety and back to the present.

SCAN TO SLEEP. You've put in a full day and kicked some major butt. Or maybe your butt got kicked... either way you deserve a good night's rest! Try a body scan meditation to help your body and brain calm down and ease your way into sleep. Body scanning is meant to relieve tension and bring awareness to every part of your body from your head to your toes. It involves using breath to melt away the tension in your body to leave you feeling relaxed and at ease.

NEED SOME GUIDANCE? For people just starting out or who have some experience and want a sold intro into meditation, we recommend trying the apps Calm or Headspace. After some time with them you may want to start guiding yourself. There are also many you guided meditations you can try on YouTube, Spotify, or Podcasts. 

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