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Hey Fam! Welcome to the Bibi Daily. In case you missed it, these newsletters are our way of sharing Bibi's voice more authentically with you and diving into topics that help you live the fun, fierce, healthy, and productive life you want. In The Bibi Daily we'll focus on four areas: Wellness, Fitness, Productivity, and Social Life. You'll see this new content on our Facebook and  Instagram pages as well. Today's topic: date night!

FRIDAY, WEDNESDAY, WHAT DAY? With everything going on and everything NOT going on, it may be hard to keep track of the days. The weekend may not really feel like the weekend now that you're not going out. But it's still important to make sure you use this time to rest and relax and treat yoself! So be sure to get some personal care and fun time in. If that includes going on a date, well we got some ideas for you...

PLAY ROGER & EBERT. We know you are Netflixing and chilling hardcore right now. Probably still using your friend's cousin's account. No reason to do it alone! Pick a show or movie you both want to see and watch it together. Afterward you can play movie critic and share thoughts. For you introverts and homebodies, this is an easy way to have some low-key and thought provoking connection.

COOK UP SOME MAGIC. Want something a bit more spicy? Move things to the kitchen. Get to know that special someone better by talking about what food you like. Pick some dishes you've both been wanting to try, get the ingredients, and make and eat it together! PRO-TIP: Guys you can still take her out by Instacarting her groceries.

BREAK A SWEAT. The couple that lifts weights together, stays together. Release all that tension and burn some calories by creating and doing a workout together. Exercise is a great way to release endorphins and be in your bodies after a long week. It'll help ease (and maybe build) that sexual tension too if you haven't touched each other yet. And ladies, guys love workout dates. They get to see you sweaty and breathing hard in spandex.

We hope you have fun trying these date ideas. Remember, use social distancing as an opportunity to get creative, explore, and try something new. It can be a chance to get closer while you are farther apart.