Before you get high


Get high on these plants

Hey Bibi-lievers, we're gonna celebrate 4:20 by talking about herb. No not that kinda herb....plants, roots, and fungi that will make you high on life. But first, let's check-in.

We hope you and your loved ones are hanging in there and staying physically and mentally healthy during this time. These Bibi Daily emails are designed to help you live the fun, fierce, healthy, and productive lifestyle you want. We figured there's no better time than the present when life is handing us some curveballs. In the Bibi Daily we will explore 4 topics: Wellness, Fitness, Productivity, and Social Life. You'll see this new content on our
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BLAZING GREEN. You know spinach, you know kale, but have you heard of Moringa Oliefera? Moringa is leafy plant native to India and every part of it from the leaves, bark, flower, fruit, seeds, and roots can be used for medicinal purposes. Most commonly its leaves are dried and turned into powdered form to put into smoothies or in capsules to ingest directly. This is because moringa's nutritional benefits "smoke" those of spinach and kale. Moringa has over 2x more iron, 3x as more protein, and 2x more calcium than spinach. It has over 4x as much B6 as kale, and more B1, B2, B3 than either spinach or kale. But there's a catch, unless you're growing it, its nearly impossible to get moringa fresh so some of the nutrients can get lost during processing. So while we don't recommend eliminating spinach and kale from your diet completely, we do recommend supplementing it with moringa.

MAGIC MUSHROOMS. Mushrooms have never been sexier. Did you know the largest living organism on earth by area is a fungi that stretches 4 square miles? Now the kind of mushrooms that are worth taking a "trip" (to the grocery store) for are reishi and chaga. Both of these fungi host a long list of benefits from boosting your immune system, reducing stress, improving sleep, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and decreasing inflammation. Anyway you slice em ;) mushrooms have come along way from being sad on salads or controversial pizza toppings. 

TO PUT IT BLUNTLY. Let's talk about turmeric. In addition to giving curry it's neon orange/yellow color, turmeric is one of our favorite super foods. Its active ingredient curcumin, is an unparalleled anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Turmeric is also hailed to help with depression, cholesterol, Type II diabetes, and PMS.

Another favorite root of ours is ginger! Ginger has a long list of benefits from anti-inflammation, reducing stress, and relaxing muscles. We like ginger so much it's one of the main ingredients in our hangover relief drink Morning After because it's so good at relieving upset stomachs when you're hungover. PRO-TIP: consume turmeric with a healthy fat and black pepper to increase absorption. You can make golden milk, a delicious heartwarming drink that combines both turmeric and ginger with fat. Just to each cup with a pinch of black pepper!