• THE BIBI DAILY 5.19 Taste of Texas, delivered. Hey Bibi-lievers, sorry we missed you yesterday. We had a lil mishap. But we're making up for it today by sending a ton of goodies your way!   SUPPORT AUSTIN FOOD & BEVERAGE. Did you know that Austin, TX is home to countless amazin... View Post
  • Happiness hacked

    THE BIBI DAILY 5.14 Everyone needs a good laugh Feel a bit blue and too serious sometimes? We feel you. Here are some ways to hack your way to happiness.     SAY CHEESE. Did you know the mere act of smiling has been scientifically proven to improve your mood, lower stress, and boost y... View Post
  • THE BIBI DAILY 5.12 Cheers to quarantining 🥂 With everyone staying in and events getting canceled or rescheduled, you would think that people are drinking less right? Wrong. A recent study showed that alcohol sales increased by 55% in March compared to March last year. So what does that m... View Post