Cheers to quarantining¬†ūü•ā

With everyone staying in and events getting canceled or rescheduled, you would think that people are drinking less right? Wrong. A recent study showed that alcohol sales increased by 55% in March compared to March last year. So what does that mean?
HANGOVERS AT HOME. If you're drinking from home, working from home, doing everything from home, don't risk having a hangover at home. With hangovers comes headaches and irritability. We think you're great but things at home are already stressed enough without your bad mood :) Don't make your roommates or family or Zoom call attendees put up with that.

DETOX DELIVERED. Make sure you have some Morning After on hand. Morning After is the first and only drink of its kind, designed to relieve hangover symptoms. When we created Morning After we did it for two reasons. 1) People told us they forget to take something the night before going to sleep. 2) People don't plan to get hungover so need help the morning after....get the name now?

INCREDIBLE INGREDIENTS. Every ingredient in Morning After is there to save you.
  • 5-HTP¬†helps improve your mood cuz let's face it, you're¬†a little bummed out.
  • Activated Charcoal. We include an efficacious dose of the most¬†powerful detoxifying agent on the planet. It removes lingering toxins from your body.
  • Vitamin C¬†boosts your immune system¬†after it got punched by the alcohol you drank.
  • Ginger¬†soothes¬†your belly and reduces any nausea you may be feeling.¬†
  • 1000% of B6 and 5000% of B12 daily values to give you energy to power through your day and get sh*t done and be like this puppy down here. Plus we shell out the extra bucks and use the good kind of B Vitamins that your body absorbs more of. No other detox drink on the market does...just sayin.¬†

SUPPLEMENT THE SUN WITH THIS. Be an overachiever and take a calcium, magnesium, and zinc, supplement with Vitamin D added. This will ensure you are feeding your bones, immune system, and getting Vitamin D all in one.