A new kind of date night


How to date in the age of corona

In case you missed yesterday's email, this is the second edition of our new Bibi Daily conversations. In 2020 we wanted to start sharing our voice more authentically with you and talk about more than just sales and promotions. In our Bibi Daily emails we'll dive into topics that help you live the fun, fierce, healthy, and productive life you want. We'll focus on four areas: Wellness, Fitness, Productivity, and Social Life. You'll see this new content on our Facebook and  Instagram pages as well. Alright, let's do this!

IT'S THE MF'ING WEEKEND! We know it's a time of uncertainty and even simple things like going to the grocery store or checking the mail have become wayyy more complicated. But there's always silver linings. Let's talk about one of them: dating!

THE 90'S ARE BACK. Remember the era before texting and dick pics, when you would actually talk on the phone for hours with your best friend? Yeah, we're doing that again. All this down time has allowed us the opportunity to dedicate more time to connecting with those we care about.



MAKE YOUR FIRST DATE A PHONE DATE. Talking on the phone is actually a great way to get to know one another because things happen in real time and you can't hide behind witty texts and gifs or take hours to respond. It also requires less time and effort than meeting in-person and is a solid way to vet someone before committing to an in-person date. After 2 successful phone conversations, treat yourselves to a FaceTime or video call third date.

GUYS YOU CAN STILL BUY HER DINNER. Use social distancing as a creative way to show up for your date. Send your date dinner delivery or a bottle of wine using alcohol delivery services and enjoy it together.

DON'T RELY ON ACTIVITIES FOR CONNECTION. Remember, relationships are 90% just being together. It's not all date nights and activities. If you need to rely on these to keep a relationship going, you are probably doomed to fail anyway. If you can have a blast on the phone or just sitting on the porch together shooting the sh*t, that's a recipe for success! Plus, think of it as a chance to save a lot of money. 

GET CREATIVE. There's so many ways you can connect without physically being in the same place. Do a workout or yoga class together. Watch a movie or show simultaneously. Like to read? Pick a book you both want to read and discuss it with each other. 

BUT CAN WE MAKEOUT? This is not CDC approved but we think there are smart and responsible ways to escalate things physically during this time. But guess what, they involve REALLY getting to know each other and having uncomfortable conversations BEFORE exchanging body fluid. What a novel concept! After 4 weeks of you both being symptom free, have a conversation about who you've been exposed to and what precautions you've taken. If you both have not been physical with another person within those 4 weeks, you can make a commitment to be exclusively physical with each other and be "Corona Partners." If you choose this path, it is absolutely necessary to be honest and stay in open communication with each other. Check in before each meeting and share any new developments. DO NOT let shame or embarrassment make you withhold information from each other. If you are physical with someone else or are exposed to someone with symptoms just let your "Corona Partner" know. Think of it as an opportunity to practice the type of communication a real partnership needs.

If you don't choose this path, it's totally okay to wait it out. By that time you'll both so horny it'll make the experience even better!