Set up your work day for success

Hey Bibi-lievers, The Bibi Daily are emails designed to help you live the fun, fierce, healthy, and productive lifestyle you want. In 2020 we wanted to share our voice more authentically with you and talk about things we're passionate about. In the Bibi Daily we explore 4 topics: Wellness, Fitness, Productivity, and Social Life. You'll see this new content on our Facebook and  Instagram pages as well. Today, let's talk productivity!

DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS. Do you know the average adult makes over 35,000 decisions a day? 226.7 of those decisions are just about food! Sounds exhausting right? Well that's exactly the problem. Your brain gets worn out from making so many decisions. It's called "decision fatigue." And as you get tired, you either put off making decisions, or start making bad decisions. 

DO THE HARDEST THINGS FIRST. In the morning your mind is clear and you are still fresh and not worn out from the day. This is when you should be making your most important or hardest decisions. So don't check email, don't do busy work, or small tasks. Those can wait. Do the things that are going to push the needle for your life and work business THE MOST, first.

DWH (DECIDING WHILE HUNGRY). You make crummy decisions when you are hangry. It's science. In fact, a study found that judges make positive rulings  65% of the time in the morning and this percentage drops to zero as lunchtime approaches. Positive rulings increased significantly after lunch and then went back to zero in the late afternoon. Moral of the a sandwich before you send that sales report or questionable email.

PLAN AHEAD. Decide what you are going to do the night before. This eliminates the decision of what to do the day of, and helps keep you on track. 

TREAT YO' SELF. After you get the hardest things done, treat yourself to a break or snack. You can let your brain wander and check social media, read the news, listen to a new song, whatever tickles your fancy. At Bibi we have a reward system to promote productivity. After 1 week of productivity (when each day's biggest tasks are accomplished) team members can earn a Tier 1 reward, after two weeks they can get a Tier 2 reward, after 1 month they get a Tier 3 reward. Reward sizes and type are up to you. If you are part of a team or lead one, this can be a fun way to incentivize your team and keep everyone on track.

PS - That's what she said ;-)